Monday, October 23, 2006

The wrong direction

Look at that:

We're gettting colder instead of warmer. The plane didn't come on Saturday or Sunday or today Monday. The weather guys Don and Jeff say their models are looking like these colds temps aren't going away anytime soon, so all we can do is go about our usual business.

It's worth mentioning that Station Opening day used to be later, Oct 25, and only in the past few years has it been pushed earlier and earlier. Don has weather records from over the years showing that the trends from previous years usually don't show temps warm enough until around the 25th so no one should be too surprised that we're still too cold at this time.

It's lunchtime and I'm taking a break from a busy morning - doing the flight following in Comms (we have a C-17 en route from CHC to MCM and a C-130 hoping to offdeck at 1515), doing the Operations timecards for the last time, stitching up someone's head and doing the paperwork, trying to answer emails, etc. I think it will still be a few days before I post from somewhere where the temperature is above zero.


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