Friday, February 02, 2007

The neighbors

The Kiwi station, Scott Base, is just a couple of miles away from McMurdo.

On Thursday nights they host American Night, an open invitation to the McMurdites to come over, shop at the store and have a drink in the bar.
Erik and I headed over last night and found our buddy, Scotty, or "Rooster", one of the mechanics at Pole last winter. He's working for ANDRILL this summer and will be leaving soon to go back home to Christchurch. He's also set with his UK visa and will be heading off to go work somewhere over there this year.

Rooster gave us a nice tour around the station, including his berthing room. And here's part of the new Hillary Field Centre, named after New Zealand's most famous resident, Sir Edmund Hillary who was just down here last week for a visit.

Scott tents drying in the Hillary Field Centre.

It started really blowing and snowing and by the time we left there was a nice coating of snow on the ground. It was a short visit but nice to get out of the big city for a while. With any luck, I head to South Pole tomorrow. Good news - as of this morning, we officially have a doc for the winter! Bruce Staeheli, who has been there all summer, is now staying for the long, dark night.


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