Sunday, March 09, 2008

Polar Pizzaria

Just like last winter, I have to brag a bit about how well we eat down here.

Last night was our first Reehmeo’s Pizzaria Night, featuring homemade personal pizzas customized to each crew member’s specifications. Order forms were filled out the day before and people could choose from 9 different meat toppings and 15 various veggie toppings. We still have freshies from one of the last flights and were able to offer fresh tomato slices, red and yellow onion, red and green bell peppers, mushroom and roasted garlic along with the usual canned and frozen items.

Our sous chef Michael made batches of homemade pizza dough, rolling out individual crusts the size of a dinner plate (the template was actually a dinner plate). Black was probably the not the best color to wear that night but he did earn the nickname of "Ninja Chef".

The next step was saucing the crusts with either regular pizza sauce or pesto.

Then the toppings are heaped on according to each order sheet. Here’s Leah adding some fresh herbs from our greenhouse. Some people ordered just about every topping available making for a very hefty pie. Others were very precise in their orders for half and half pizzas, drawing a diagram for the placement of the ingredients. One of the electricians added his own ingredient request, a little bit of “love” thrown in with the pepperoni. Lots of thank you's and smiley faces were added to the order forms.

In all we cranked out about 70 pizzas, mostly individual ones but also some regular sized ones with our own choices of toppings.

Personal pizzas fresh from the oven waiting to be sliced and served up.

It was a successful night for Team Reehmeo with lots of happily stuffed diners ready to kick off the one day weekend. This event is sure to be repeated a few times before the end of winter.


At 5:46 AM, Blogger Piergiuliano said...

It is surprising to know that "Amundsen-Scott Station" is the southernmost "Pizzeria" in the world too. A Pizzeria with a long list of fancy taste ! "Antartica Pizzeria" it's out of hand for us we live in the "north". Congratulations. Piergiuliano, Italy

At 9:39 PM, Blogger skua76 said...

Great pizza, great fun, thanks in part to you!!!

At 12:46 AM, Anonymous Tara said...

Reehmeo, Reehmeo, wherefore art thou Reehmeo...?

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Neal said...

Looks like an all-star team, no wonder the pizza turned out so well.

At 6:43 AM, Blogger B Hardin said...

mmmmm, I miss the great Reehmeo's pizza night...

At 3:16 PM, Anonymous Ali said...

Hey Heidi, I have stumbled apon you blog and been lost to the world for the last five hours. I think my eyes are bigger than Hub Caps. Reading about your expirences has been mind blowing, I never imagined such a unique world down in the south pole. I am from Minneapolis, born and raised, and winter is my favorite season. I am getting blue now that it is leaving us up here in the north. Thank you so much for blogging about your world! Ali Hαupt

At 2:49 PM, Anonymous chrislynn said...

Hey heidi...I kinda stumbled upon your blog after "googling" the word coffee house...and what a discovery I've made.!!.your blog is amazing by the way..its awesome seeing how life is like down in scott base... Chrislynn, christchurch. :)


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