Monday, September 01, 2008

Art Fest

We kicked off our monthly two day weekend with an art show, a farmer's market and an open mike night.

IT Nate's posters for the events this weekend

Who knew we had so much artistic talant on station? Calee was the organizer of the first event, where the Galley was turned into an art gallery with displays of the abundant creativity of our crew.

Deb, Todd and Michael checking out the thousand of tiny photos within

One of the centerpieces was this work by IT Nathan. He took a photo of Jon O outside and used a program to reconstruct it with thousands of little photos, all of us from this winter. It's a great homage to the crew and fun times of Winter 08 and it's a beautiful work of art.

One of our meteorologists, Lance, turned scrap copper wire into a forest of bonsai trees.

Greenhouse tech Terry had her handmade jewelry and notecards tastefully displayed.
Artistic talent came in many forms - our mechanic Jack had a booth set up for giving dream interpretations and fortune telling.

Stacy the painter's hobby is making clocks from recycled objects. The window display is Deb's painting of a Martian space ship zapping penguins.

Here's Stacy again, getting his head painted by Mandi who was doing face painting and tattoos.
Our resident brew master IT Mike had a sampling of three of his homemade craft beers. My Michael is trying the South Pole Pale Ale which was fresh and delightful, unlike the more than two year old beer we sell in Polemart.

This last art installation was the work of our power plant guy and resident juggler/punster Will. So these are plastic ants...and it's art...and the piece says "ica". I had to have it explained to me. I'll work on putting up some more photos of the rest of the weekend fun soon. Today, it's my turn in the dishpit so it's 9 fun hours of washing dishes but I get to work near my favorite person on station!


At 1:44 AM, Blogger Neal said...

Why is it that two day weekends seem to go by twice as fast?

At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"My Michael..." - lovely!


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