Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Outa here...maybe

Temps are a bit warmer but still not really warm enough (-58.7C/ -73.7F) for the LC-130s so a new plan was announced suddenly late last night - they're going to send the Basler DC-3 back here with 18 summer folks to do a mini station opening and send 14 folks out. I'm one of those lucky pax since my replacement was the PA last summer and he won't need much turnover from me.

The plane is scheduled to offdeck at 0800 and arrive here at 1200. Since it's a small plane, they're limiting weight to 320lbs per person, which includes the person. At least 5 people came up to me last night joking that I won't be close to that limit so they're planning on using my leftover allotment. Hey, I should charge a buck a pound!

So if you don't see any posts on this blog for a few days, that means that I did indeed get out of here and am either stuck in McMurdo or am in Christchurch, enjoying a nice stroll in the Botanical Gardens, walking around outside NOT wearing 20 pounds of clothing and probably forgetting that I have to pay for food again. I'll keep you posted from the road.


At 12:19 AM, Anonymous WaterDon said...

Mushers during the Alaskan Gold Rush would charge a dollar an ounce for carrying mail to the Outside. Charge what the market will bear!


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