Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Decorating for the winter

Who wants to look at blank walls and beige window shades all winter? For the second year in a row, Brien organized the Galley Window Gallery, a contest to get some color and life into the galley through artwork, informational displays and sheer creativity.

We started Sunday morning out with a coffee house with Claire and Laura as the baristas
making lattes and cappucinos to order.

Francie and I baked muffins, coffee cake, scones and biscotti to go with the java and we even had a knock-off logo of a well-known corporate coffee giant, created by Jodi our designer in 2005. She and her husband Kirk keep up their website Life at the Bottom and chronicle their lives post-ice.

The artists installed their works in the windows the night before and covered them up with bedsheets and then at noon, Brien, the master of ceremonies, unveiled the windows one by one.

Brien uncovering an homage to four wheelers by Bruce the mechanic.

Pointing out some features of a South Pole history display by Andy and Terry.

It was like being at an art gallery, except for the tables and chairs. People gathered around the windows to read the information and admire the creativity.

Prison cell window by Noah.

This was my own entry, a map of the world with continents made out of scraps of fleece and mounted onto a remnant of pool table felt. I collected photos from people around station of places where they've traveled and made a sort of travel planner window to give folks ideas of where to go when we get out of here in November.

Remember the frozen Tui beer a few posts ago? Brien saved all of the bottle caps from the beer that we had to dump out and recreated the logo for Tui beer, which is a Tui bird.

This one was the crowd's favorite - Kari and Katie drew stick figures of everyone on station and gave each one a certain characteristic that is recognizable.

And we also brought in the flags that fly at the ceremonial pole for the winter so that they don't get shredded by the wind. They are now hanging up around the galley too so there's vibrant color and interesting displays everywhere you look. Sure beats those boring institutional window shades.


At 11:51 PM, Blogger Neal said...

Nice TV.

At 4:29 AM, Blogger William said...

Which stick figure are you? They are so small I can't figure it out. I figured you'd be one that was ridiculously shorter than the rest :-)



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