Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sunset 2007

We bid farewell to the sun last night.

Two days past the autumnal equinox, all we're seeing is the refracted light of the sun as it gets ducted into the atmosphere above the horizon, although it appears like a spector of our old solar friend.

We had a gala feast last night to mark the beginning of winter's darkness.

The galley was transformed into a formal fine dining establishment and people wore clothing other than their usual fleece and Carhartts.

Terry the greenhouse tech and Andy the station manager vogueing in fashions seen only in Antarctica.

Brien, Steffen, Derek and Robert standing around looking handsome and hungry.

Leah the galley materials person posing with the beverage of choice for the meal.

Once again, our fabulous chefs treated us to another spectacular meal worthy of a five star restaurant.

Seared salmon with smoked gouda polenta, sauteed green beans and Chinese greens topped with a beurre blanc sauce.

Brien with his grilled filet mignon topped with shrimp in a wine reduction sauce, served with roasted russet, sweet potato and root vegetable mash and gorgonzola butter.

Francie's world famous chocolate mousse was the decadent dessert to finish off the feast.

Francie is the best friend of anyone who loves sweets or carbs around here.

We toasted to a fine meal and the beginning of a great winter. Afterwards, there was dancing and strange party games, such as table bouldering, a unique way for climbers to keep in shape without a climbing wall.

Kris, the meteorologist turned trash man making the crux move on the 5.10 table.

The eleven women on this winter's crew got together for our first group photo.

Standing from left: Claire, Dainella, Leah, Laura, Francie, Katie, me, Liz and Kari.
Seated: Lynette and Terry. Photo by Robert Schwarz.

It was a fine evening and a fond farewell to the last rays of the sun. We'll have another similar celebration to welcome the sun's return in 6 months.

Oh yes, currently it's -81.2F or -63C.


At 3:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seems like I missed another sundown dinner! lol.


At 10:26 PM, Blogger Neal said...

Those desserts were waaaay rad. I had three and a half of them.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Kelly K. said...


Your blog is really great! Excellent pics... its fun to see whats up down there. I love the table bouldering. Happy Sunset!

At 4:10 PM, Blogger Erik said...


OK, I miss the food, but the sunsets here in McMurdo come every day.


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