Friday, September 21, 2007

The Champ

Who cares about the end of baseball season and the beginning of football season when we have the Nine Ball Tournament and Championship going on at the bottom of the world.

For the second year, Michael organized a pool league where 16 players battled each other for 7 weeks of regular league play then squared off in a 2 week championship series. The 8 Ball league took place earlier this winter and last night, the championship games of the 9 Ball league were fought out.

The pool hall in the B1 lounge still has the decorations up from the last party, an 80's themed party. The carps set up some stadium seating for the crowds to watch the action in grandstand style. Here Jordan and Laura are playing for the consolation match title.

Laura was the lone woman playing the in the 9 Ball league and she made a respectable showing. She had some early wins and upsets in the league play but ended up in the consolation bracket and final match, which Jordan swept to win.

The championship game was between top ranked Brian H. and Jason S., who was an underdog if there ever was one but proved he got game after defeating both Michael and Tracy in the playoffs.

Jason was a model of concentration. He played the table well and made some beautiful shots including sinking a 9 ball on the break in game 4 to give him a comfortable lead. Brian played extremely well as he has all season but his precision wasn't enough last night as Jason capitalized on every opportunity to put away that last ball.
The underdog shot without mercy to take the 11 game series 6-2 and was crowned 9 Ball Champ of 2007.

Tonight we are celebrating the return of the sun with a grand feast and high hopes that the visibility will clear to allow us our first glimpse of our old friend after a 6 month absence.


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Exploiting the Darkness----------------------- One who returns from the darkness must bring of it with him and convert it to light. He must exploit his experience to surge higher and higher with greater strength. Therefore, the one who returns from a distance is greater than the one who was always close. What matters is not so much where you stand, but with what force you are moving in which direction.

At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Tara said...

Do you ever remember a British TV programme in the 70s called "Pot Black" which was a televised snooker tournament? There was a commentator on there named "Whispering" Ted Lowe who was famous for making the comment "And for those viewers watching in black and white, the blue ball is the one behind the green".


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