Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The rest of the weekend

Last weekend part 2:

After the Art Festival, our greenhouse tech Terry held a Farmer's Market open house. The official name for the greenhouse is the Food Growth Chamber and as I've mentioned before, it's a project that was designed by my alma mater University of Arizona.

Kiwi Paul not doing a good job of impressing Katie

Terry made some delicious salads, spreads and dips to go with greens that we were able to pick ourselves from the FGC. The biggest hit was some carmel corn that tasted just like Cracker Jacks.

There was a mojito bar set up in front of Polemart, which is right next door to the greenhouse. We found a good use for some of the fresh mint that is coming out of our ears now.

Everyone enjoyed grazing and trying some really peppery mustard leaves.

We have plenty of bok choy that we put in salads and the cooks use it up for veggie sides.

Swiss chard and some long leaf lettuce.

We got locked inside briefly when Deb and Mandi put a broom handle and a ski through the door handles but we certainly would not have starved in there.

And we had a putt putt golf course set up in the A3 hallway.

There were six holes including the BioMed Bunker that was in front of Medical.
Michael is about to tee off on the second hole. It was a par 2 and the corner made it too difficult to get a hole in one.

This one required another person to operate the ferris wheel. You have to time it right to get the ball to go into one of the baskets as the wheel revolves.
Here's a close up of the wheel. There's a vise grip for the crank handle.

I didn't get any photos of the open mic night but it was loads of fun - great music, corny comedy acts, bad jokes and some late night blues karaoke that happened long after I went off to bed.

The sun is coming back! It's light enough outside and it looks like a nice early dawn. When it's clear on the horizon, there's a wonderful orange glow, our assurance that the sun is indeed rising slowly. In just under two weeks we'll finally get to see the sun itself and squint like moles in the brightness. After setting a record warm temperature last week of -28.7F (-33.7C) due to a warm storm that moved in, we're back down to normal now at -78F. It will still be winter cold for a while longer. We're going to take our official winter crew picture outside this afternoon so you'll be seeing that in a post soon.


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