Monday, February 12, 2007


I'm working on putting some new photos in a post but in the meantime, here's an oldie:

I had forgotten about this one until Jack the UT emailed it to me. It was taken by Robert Schwarz in September 2003 as we were preparing for a late winter medevac. I was on a crew working to set up the skiway flags for the soon to be arriving Twin Otter. We had been outside for a couple of hours at temps around -90F already and I was frozen cold and miserable. I think the expression on my face behind the iced over balaclava is something like, "Take the @#$%& picture already!" Note how the station in the background has only the part of the B pod finished and the A4 and B1 wings aren't up yet.

OK, I'm working on something from this year now.


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