Sunday, September 23, 2007

At long last

Here it is:

The sun finally returned to the South Pole! We waited for the skies to clear on Sep 21 but didn't see it when it was supposed to have risen above the horizon around 6:30pm. We had our sunrise party anyway, with a roasted whole pig, prime rib and game hens (aka skuas) and those who were still up celebrating around midnight were treated to the first glimpse of the orb itself.

For those like me who were too sleepy to stay up, we got our first view of the sun yesterday as the horizon finally cleared up enough to give undeniable proof that the sun didn't change its mind about showing up again. And now it will continue to circle around us for another 6 months and the whole cycle will repeat itself again.


At 12:25 AM, Anonymous Mike Kinkele said...

Is this the same Heidi Lim who attendend rhe University of Arizona?


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