Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's not our fault

This is the latest update as of 23 Oct 2007/0545L from the McMurdo airfield:

The ice runway has snow drifts as outlined below. Request the C-17, C-130 or other aircraft arrive no earlier then 1500L from CHC. Its expected it will take this time to remove snow drifts and open the ice runway and ramp to all aircraft,

If we can open the runway earlier will advise Charleston and Christchurch,

The first 5,500 feet of the runway is about 70-80% clear of any and all snow. The 20-30% of it that does have snow is 3"-4" in finger drifts.
There is about 2,500 ft. of runway that is across from the town site and apron area that has about 85% coverage on it. In places it's up to 6" deep but again mostly 3"-4".
The last 2,000 ft of runway and the 1,000 ft. over run area has about 40-50% coverage on it most of it being 4" deep.
The apron is about 60% covered with snow. Most of that is on the taxiway end of it. The fuel pits are in very good shape right now.

Williams Field and Pegasus Airfield, and associated snow roads remain closed.

Meanwhile, this is what it looks like here:

View from the window in Medical, looking at the skiway and Dark Sector.

The Basler offdeck is delayed until 1pm today so we'll see if we get new people in for dinner tonight.


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