Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mid-level practitioner needed for South Pole summer

As of today, there has been no one hired yet to replace me in Medical for the summer season. A couple of potential Physician Assistants were offered the position but they both dropped out for various good reasons. I’m scheduled to fly out of here on October 29. My replacement is supposed to fly in here on the 18th so that we can have adequate turnover. Now I may not have anyone to do turnover with but I’m still hoping they just let me on that plane on the 29th.

Here's my own job ad: Needed: Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner to work at the South Pole clinic from late Oct to early Feb. The pay will be less than you’ve ever made before. The hours will be long as you never really leave work for the day and you won't have any days off except for Sunday and then you'll be on call. Your patients will be your neighbors, your co-workers, your fellow Bingo players. Your commute to work will be less than one minute, depending on if you get stopped in the hallway for a consultation on someone’s rash. You get free, unlimited food and a free membership to the gym which is less than a minutes walk from your office. You’ll meet the most fascinating carpenters, plumbers, cooks, electricians, mechanics, oh yeah and scientists and have bizarre conversations that you would never have anywhere else in the world. You’ll meet people with masters degrees who are taking jobs washing dishes or shoveling snow just for the experience of visiting Antarctica. And you yourself will have the grandest adventure of your life while you’re being paid for it. No lazy wankers need bother applying.

We’re running out of time. In less than a month, we would need to have someone interviewed, hired, PQ’d (the process of extensive medical exams that must be passed before you can deploy), flown down to New Zealand then McMurdo then South Pole with enough time to make sure that the person isn’t going to crump from the altitude or freak out at the sight of this place.
If you are a PA-C or an FNP or know of one who is interested, email me at


At 11:51 PM, Anonymous Tara said...

Is there any need for musicians/music teachers at the South Pole lol? Happy sunrise and may this dawn bring the promise of many happy days to come. BTW thank you to whoever moved the NOAA webcam. It was getting downright boring staring at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

At 9:41 AM, Blogger Neal said...

I'll have somebody familiar around until the 8th it looks like.

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just passing by and I saw what you wrote. I know it's pretty late but I was just wondering is it hard to get a job as a PA. Well this is my first year in college and I'm in a nursing program to then study to be a Physician Assisstant. And I've always wanted to go to the South Pole. So, I was just wondering if its real hard for a Physician Assisstant to get a job at the South Pole??


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