Friday, October 05, 2007

The 296 Club?

Well, we didn't get to initiate any new members into the 300 Club this winter but we did just set a new all time record low temperature for the month of October with -95.6F/-71.4C temps today. Maybe we can fire up the sauna anyway and do some naked runs around outside, although without the cloak of darkness there might not as many eager streakers.
When I did my first 300 Club run in 2003, we didn't hit -100F until mid-September. My friends Jon and Dan and I thought we'd wait for the first rush of people in the early morning to finish up so that we could have a little more modesty. When we finally made our naked dash after 11am, we didn't realize people were already gathering for lunch and we ended up having an even bigger audience from the galley windows than we realized.

Here's the latest addition to the wall of winterover crew pictures:
Classy, no?


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Scott said...

Never give up - You're having a very cold October cold snap and it still could happen!

At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Christine bubb said...

Heidi - Do you know what happened to Brien? His website is very scary and I am worried about what happened to him. can you reply, please. I know you are not his "caretaker" but I bet you care about him. Thanks. Christine

At 8:02 AM, Blogger Heidi said...

Anyone who personally knows me or Brien knows this has been a tough time for both of us, a situation that can't really be understood by anyone else despite their quickness to judge and condemn.

Brien is re-assessing the direction of his life and is about to embark on an around the world trip that will also be a journey of self discovery. I hope he finds answers that I was not able to give him.

He stopped his blog for the time being for a number of reasons but I'm sure he will be bitten by the writing bug again, being the journalist that he is, and I hope he keeps us all posted on his adventures around the world.

Christine, you are so right in that I do care about him very much and love him dearly. I don't put a lot of personal details in my blog on purpose and I know people are coming to their own conclusions about the part of my life that I don't write about. I will say without hesitation that I do indeed care deeply about Brien and always will.

Please feel free to write to him at He loves hearing from people.


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