Monday, April 28, 2008

The 4th Annual BF5K

We survived the 2 day weekend. For the fourth year in a row, we've had an indoor 5K race, called the BF5K, named after Kevin, whose nickname is BFK or Big F%$&ing Kevin. The course is a lap around the station, upstairs and downstairs, and it takes 18 laps to make 5 kilometers.

There are a couple of twists on the usual 5K event - all of the participants must be in costume and the runners must have sponsors. Instead of pledging a certain amount of money per lap, the sponsors must instead drink a drink of choice every 3 laps. The following photos were taken by me and Weeks.

Kevin was of course the grand judge and along with co-judges Nate and Derek, they came to the event as North America. Derek is half Canadian and had his hockey stick. Kevin is the all American red-blooded conservative so of course he was the US. Nate by default was Mexico but he just happened to have a sombrero chips and salsa bowl so his country was quite fitting. And between the US and Mexico, there was the symbolic border fence of barbed wire.

This year we had full media coverage with color commentary provided by Michael and Philip, who came as Dr. Scotch and his patient. They narrated the entire event in something that sounds like a cross between the Macy's Thanksgiving parade and the Super Bowl. When Michael finishes the podcast, I'll have links to it so that you can hear the action.
We had quite the crowd of runners, sponsors and spectators. Our population was briefly at 62 as not one but two blow up dolls made appearances.

Our trauma team became Team Trauma as we donned scrubs and surgical masks. Deb in her dragon costume opted for a simple surgical gown that would accommodate her wings and tail.

Poor Todd found his legs temporarily amputated above the knees and being the professional carpenter, he built his own rolling cart to get around. His IV bag was filled with something that smelled suspiciously like Bushmills and he evoked Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump as he rolled around bitterly haranguing people who tried to help him. He would have probably collected a couple of dollars in his change cup but folks around here just don't usually carry money around.

We registered our team at the judges table, got our jersey numbers and collected our prizes for participating, a can of beer and a pack of smokes. Don't forget, it's the 2.0 Bar crowd who's sponsoring this event.
Our competition included Team Ice Capades, or Tonya Harding's Revenge. Mandi on the left was Nancy Kerrigan with a knee brace and next to her is Jane's Tonya with a pipe. Robin was a glamour girl skater with scary streaky makeup and Sue was a hockey punk.
Team Maintenance had an elaborate pre-race show that I missed because Team Trauma took a while to get dressed, but they arrived with Tyvek suits and some circus-looking gear.
Then Adit shot out of a cannon and landed on the mattress. They then went on to win the race in the team division, sans suits.
The devilish Katie won the Women's division and she still would have easily won if there was another solo woman running. Her sponsor was Leah who was an "angel" but still devilish.

Weeks took 1st place in the Men's division but since he came in costume as our station leader, Katie Hess, some of us weren't sure if he was in the right division. By the way, Katie looks way better than that.
The best costume went to our Plumber Foreman Detroit Andy, another cross dresser. He ran the course with extra large love handles, a can of Crunchy Cheetos and a cigarette but on the final lap he miraculously shed about 150 pounds and crossed the finish line svelte and ripped. He kept the makeup and wig though.
Bill Spindler ran the entire race as a mad doctor type. Medical themes were popular this year because we probably have the most fun toys and props at our disposal.
And to prove that, as the laps went down, Team Trauma got progressively bruised and bloodied along the way. On one of my laps, I returned with a soft cervical collar. The next one I had a black eye and bloody nose, thanks to mulage makeup that we have for drills.
Andy developed a head wound then ran a lap with a leg brace and crutches. Our team got further traumatized as the race went on as team members emerged with a straight jacket, revealed real casts on arms and then for the final lap, Andy was carried into the Galley on a military litter.
What a fun day it was and the night was even better with Polestock 2008 and the debut of the bands. Photos soon to come.


At 11:22 PM, Blogger Neal said...

It looks as fun as ever. Cross-dressing and medical gear seem to be themes every year.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Ellie Hamilton said...

What fun! The 5K, the costumes, the progression of weirdness, and hey, being in Antarctica. I could get into that :-) My husband and I are also "homeless," living in an RV and working as we travel.


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