Monday, April 07, 2008

Colbert Nation Part II

As we were getting ready to leave here last October, Michael finally got around to stepping up to TV host Stephen Colbert’s challenge to fly a Colbert Nation flag at the South Pole (see “South Pole IS Colbert Nation”).

Unfortunately when he sent the photos to the shows producers, it coincided with the beginning of the entertainment industry’s writer’s strike that very same week. Of course the strike dragged on until just recently and figuring that the shows producers were buried under 4 months worth of emails, Michael decided to send the photos again plus some new ones.

Back in early March on a fine Saturday night, the weather was nearly perfect with clear blue skies and the 12 knot winds would make the flag fly nicely. We picked 9:30pm for the photo shoot so that the sun would be positioned to directly light up the flag with the station in the background. As we were waiting around in the Galley, Michael checked his email when the satellite came up and found that lo and behold there was a message from one of the Colbert Report producers wondering what was up with him.

What timing! That news got all of us Polies fired up so we marched out of the Galley, down the Beer Can and out to the geographic South Pole following the Colbert Nation flag.

Michael took off his parka and wore just his chef coat (plus a few underlayers).
It took a few minutes to set up the camera so there was a bit of horsing around in the meantime. It was the best way to stay warm in the -65F temps out there. That's Deb in the dragon suit.
As people got into place, a few of the women unfurled a sign hoping to catch Colbert's eye.

Several group photos were taken and then some victorious shots of Michael and the flag, claiming the Pole for Colbert Nation.

Afterwards, we warmed up again in the Galley and enjoyed a Saturday night off while Andy, Weeks, Michael and Jason were looking at the freshly snapped photos.

So once again, Michael has sent off proof of the Colbert Nation flag flying at the bottom of the world, or the South F%$&ing Pole, as Colbert calls it. Michael still has yet to hear from the show's producers but we're figuring that there is so much juicy material for the writers with the upcoming election and heated Democratic nominee stalemate, they're not in dire need of filler material like the South Pole.
In the meantime, Michael finally has his website Cooking South back up and is working on reconstructing some pages and posting new photos. He's also working on a podcast so stay tuned for those and I'll let you know if he hears back from Stephen Colbert...


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