Saturday, May 03, 2008

Polestock 2008

It was almost as psychedelic as the 60s and surely the music was just as good.
Polestock 2008 was the crowing touch to our two day weekend last week following the BF5K in the afternoon. It was a huge event that took weeks of planning, practicing, organizing and constructing.
No detail was guards Detroit Andy and Josiah frisked everyone at the door with a metal detector, including BFK.
The souvenir stand offered one of a kind hand-made commemorative concert t-shirts made from salvaged clothing from "Skua", or our second-hand exchange named after a carniverous scavenger Antarctic bird.

An open bar was tended by the bottom of the world's finest bar tenders Jason and Kiwi Paul in a mullet wig.
Shaun was in charge of the sound system and lighting.

And the musicians really put on a show. There were five bands and two solo performers playing genres that ranged from original compositions to the iconic 60's tune "Wipeout" to David Bowie to Jimi Hendrix to Stevie Ray Vaughan and beyond.
The Retardis in action.

"Dish" and JT3 jamming.
House Mouse Seasonal Affective Disorder Blues Project

There was lots of dancing and jiving going on including a between-set interlude featuring Jonny O and Kiwi Paul gettin' down to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack.
I really never could have imagined that we would have so much impressive talent down here, not only musical but technical production and artistic design. The organizer of the event, Kevin Torphy, has plans for more shows including a Mid-Winter performance and he's looking for ways to top last weekend's music festival. If it gets any better than this, they'll all have to take the show on the road post-ice.


At 10:12 PM, Blogger Neal said...

How is it that I was there for the two years of bad music?

At 1:17 AM, Anonymous Tara said...

They say that if you remember Woodstock then you weren't really there.

When is the CD coming out??????


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