Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dinner these days

Last night, in celebration of Leah's birthday and in "honor of toasty cooks, past and present", Michael served this:

The ramen is to commemorate a legendary night a few years ago when two feuding cooks couldn't get along enough to produce a dinner so the station manager threw a bunch of instant ramen soups together and served it to the crew. I wasn't there that year but the story is indeed a legend. The burnt toast is to symbolize how we all feel right about now...toasty and burned out. And the cooks always joke about being so toasty, everyone is just going to be served cold cereal for dinner so tonight's selection features frosted flakes.

At least milk was provided to go with the cereal. Actually right next to the ramen, cereal and burnt toast were grilled steaks and lobster tails so no one was actually deprived of the traditional Friday dinner of surf and turf.

But people actually ate it! Stacy sprinkled the frosted flakes on the ramen and mopped it up with burnt toast. OK, it was his second symbolic course after his steak and lobster but his gesture was saluted.

Michael will make it up to us tonight by more of his homemade Chicago-style pizza...mmmm!

By the way, he has recently updated his website Cooking South with lots of photos...check it out!


At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Redion said...

This reminds of a few days in December 1956 during initial construction there. Ray Spears, our rather flambount and definitely colorful cook, had served lima beans (canned of course) for both the mid-day and evening meals two days in succession. The twenty-three other crew members got on his case about it prompting his response that went something like this. Before I came up here I was told not to throw any food out, it’s too expensive and too difficult to it get here. Better eat those beans tonight ‘cause if you don’t you’ll get’em for breakfast tomorrow. Sure enough, we had lima beans for breakfast the next morning.

At 4:42 AM, Blogger Neal said...

Mmmmm, ramendan!

At 7:42 AM, Blogger Kirk & Jodi Roberts said...

Happy Ramen-Don! Jodi and I have celebrated our anniversary with ramen every year since.


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