Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last day to ourselves?

We're just about ready for company.

Monday we had our big station-wide cleanup day in order to do some final spruce ups for the new folks. I was on a team that worked on getting Summer Camp ready. It's a collection of Jamesways, Korean War era huts that we use as berthing for the summer. The Jamesways had to be cleaned with new linens put on the beds.

We also cleaned up the head module which is totally covered with a snow drift on the backside.

Here's Mandi going into Altie Meadows to check on stuff in there.

We were expecting the Basler and one Twin Otter to come through here yesterday on their way from South America to McMurdo but weather has delayed them by a couple of days. They both just made it this morning to Rothera Station, the British station on the Antarctic peninsula and they're now planning to take off again tonight to arrive here tomorrow morning. If all goes well, they will be the first planes we've seen since mid-February. Then the Basler would return here on Friday with the first passengers from McMurdo and our long isolation will be over. Stay tuned...


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