Monday, November 20, 2006

The Great Kangaroo Quest

Continuing on the adventure down under, we embarked on the Great Kangaroo Quest. Since we really didn't have any plans for what to do, we decided that we couldn't come to Australia without seeing kangaroos. There were road signs all over for them as we were driving around, giving us the impression that they would be placidly grazing on the road side at every turn.

We saw some road kill at one point that looked like it could have once been a kangaroo, and as Joe said, "Well, that's a start".

Undaunted, we read that you could see lots of roos at Pebbly Beach so we headed there and sure enough, we saw at least a dozen or so eating grass on the lawn of a holiday rental cabin.

OK, so it's not quite the wild bush encounter we had in mind, but we did also have an unexpected bonus of some wild parrots flying onto our outstretched arms, trying to get our food.
Mission accomplished. We headed back up north and ended up in Port Stephens, a lovely holiday spot on the coast about 3 hours north of Sydney. We've been cruising the beaches and little towns and doing lots of nothing too.

This morning, we went for a bush ride on horses.

Here's Brien on his horse, Kaz, and Joe on Meg:

And this was the view from my horse, Brave. The guy at the stable said the horse got his name because you have to be brave to ride him! That's our guide (damn it, I can't remember her name) in front.

Tomorrow we fly out to Bangkok...stay tuned!


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